Constitutive Law

Authorization of Chief Executive No. 184/2007, with the alterations made by the Authorization of Chief Executive No. 302/2008 and Authorization of Chief Executive No. 62/2009

H. E. Chief Executive exercises the right conferred by Article 50 of Basic Law of Macao SAR to make the following authorization.

  1. Establish "Tourism Crisis Management Office", with designated Portuguese abbreviation “GGCT” which constitutes a Strategic Coordination Committee destined to guarantee immediate and efficient operational measures to be taken when Macao SAR residents are involved in emergent situations resulted from serious accidents, catastrophe or calamity abroad as well as tourists are involved in the same situation in Macao SAR.
  2. GGCT will operate when the above mentioned scenario has occurred or is foreseen to happen. 
  3. GGCT has the following authorities:
    1. Define general operations strategy and develop a set of comprehensive, effective and integral emergency plans providing technical/operational and physical coordination on the manipulation of resources and special measures.
    2. Promptly activate the operations mechanism to ensure a stable and permanent control of the situation and supply of necessary assistance. It aims to minimize the negative impact of serious accident, disaster and tragedy to assure the safety of Macao residents and tourists involved.
    3. Provide assistance and logistics resources including equipment, facilities and technicians to operate in coordination amongst concerned entities.
    4. Consider the desired, appropriate and proper standards in accordance to the actual situation, develop employment regulations on exercising various public or private tools and resources, and determine any specific distribution of financial resources in need.
    5. Ensure the cooperation with local associations and entities upon all matters in relation to the operations layer so as to facilitate the adoption of special measures when needed.
    6. Secure collaboration and reciprocal communication between regional and international official organizations as well as outbound tourism representatives.
    7. Participate in other instructed matters or emergent cases requesting immediate concern.
  4. GGCT functions, by delegation of the Chief Executive, under the direct dependence of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, who acts as the President, and that consists of the following members:
    1. one Coordinator, who substitutes the President in his absence and impediments
    2. one representative from each of the Secretaries’ Office;
    3. one representative from the Unitary Police Service;
    4. one representative from the Customs Office;
    5. one representative from the Public Security Police Force;
    6. four representatives from the Macao Government Tourist Office;
    7. one representative from the Health Bureau;
    8. one representative from the Fire Service Bureau;
    9. one representative from the Identification Bureau;
    10. one representative from the Government Information Bureau;
    11. one representative from the Transport Bureau;
    12. one representative from the Civil Aviation Authority;
    13. other entities or personalities designated by the President when the situation advises.
  5. The Coordinator shall be designated with authorization by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture and it can exert functions in accumulation of regimen; in cases of his absence and impediments, his substitute will also be designated by authorization from the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture.
  6. The representatives of entity referred by Article 4 Point (ii) to (xiii) as well as their substitutes in case of absence and impediments shall be assigned by the same concerned entities, and designated with authorization by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture.
  7. To effect the previous number, if in relation to any representative who lose quality, the concerned entities must communicate a substitution within a stated period of thirty days.
  8. GGCT operates a Secretariat which is formed to assure the collection and update of necessary information for the identification, characterization and evaluation of crisis situation, emergency or serious abnormality that involves respectively Macao SAR residents traveling abroad and/or tourists at Macao SAR.
  9. The Secretariat is responsible for all technical-administrative support which includes normal expedient, acquisition of goods and services necessary for the normal operation of facilities, elaboration of the GGCT inventory and practice of any other outstanding chores as requested by the Coordinator.
  10. The Secretariat functions under the dependence and orientation of the Coordinator. It is integrated by the number of members that reveal to be necessary for the pursuit of GGCT’s objectives who can be, through the proposal by the Coordinator, detached or requested for service tied to the contract they are previously holding or contract in accordance to Article 21 of “Macao Public Administration Workers Statue” approved by the Decree-law No. 87/89/M on 21st December, admitted by a task contract or individual contract, by the Coordinator’s proposal. 
  11. The expenses owing to personnel and other functions of GGCT shall be supported by the endowment inscribed on the privative budget of Tourism Fund. 
  12. It is considered used upon GGCT, references from the Outbound Tourism Crisis Management Office, created by Authorization of Chief Executive n.o 184/2007 in legal diplomas, documents, identification titles, contracts and agreements.
  13. The present order will be effective starting February 17th, 2009.

11th February, 2009
Chief Executive, Ho Hau Wah.