The SAR Government reiterates that the decisions and actions taken to VIVA Macau comply with laws

2010-04-03 23:18

Source : Civil Aviation Authority


With regard to the difficulties facing by VIVA Macau in their operations, at the beginning of this year, VIVA Macau claimed to the SAR Government that they were looking for potential interested investors and requested the SAR Government to render a continuing financial aid to them until the agreement was made between VIVA Macau and the potential interested investors. The SAR Government requested VIVA Macau to provide the information for any progression. However, VIVA Macau had only provided the information in brief and had not mentioned the arrangement of investment specifically; therefore it did not provide any further help in analyzing the investment plan.


The SAR Government reiterates that all decisions and actions taken comply with laws. According to the Laws and Regulations of Macao, any entity or person being granted the right to provide public services, the person or entity should guarantee that it is suitable, having appropriate technical quantification and financial capability. At this present moment, VIVA Macau is no longer compliant with the requirements of the regulations and does not have any condition to provide public air transport services.


In the meantime, AACM received a notification on 29 March from the Macao legal representative of the leasing company of VIVA Macau which stated that due to the non-compliance with the provisions of the leasing contract by VIVA Macau, the leasing company requested AACM to de-register the aircrafts. According to the documents provided by the Macao legal representative of the leasing company of VIVA Macau, they have already sent an official letter on 23 and 24 March to notify VIVA Macau that all the aircrafts would be withdrawn on 25 and 26 March due to VIVA Macau's failure in settling the leasing payment and not complying with the provisions of the leasing contract.


From 26 March, VIVA Macau's suspension and delay of flight services causing a large number of affected passengers stranded at the airport without assistance. In order to provide proper arrangements to the affected passenger, The SAR Government immediately contacted with VIVA Macau and requested for the relevant information, however, VIVA Macau did not provide the information and assistance to the SAR Government in time, which caused difficulties to assist the affected passengers. Until 28 March, The SAR Government had intermittently received the information of the affected passengers from VIVA Macau.


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