Tourism Crisis Management Office closely monitors situation of Macao travelers in Thailand

2009-04-15 19:21

Source : Tourism Crisis Management Office

The Tourism Crisis Management Office has been maintaining close contact with the tourism associations and travel industry to monitor the situation of Macao travelers in Thailand.

According to the information provided by the travel industry, 60 Macao travelers in Thailand are scheduled to return to Macao today (April 15). No tour group from Macao will depart for Thailand in the next seven days.

Although the situation in Thailand has been improving, the Office will continue to monitor the situation and its effects to the tourists. When necessary, the Office will inform the Macao mobile phone users in Thailand the latest news and notice by text messaging services provided by the four local telecommunication service providers. For assistance or enquiry, please call the tourism hotline at (853) 28333000.

Since April 10, the Office has received 31 related enquiries and has handled 1 request for assistance.



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