Tourism Crisis Management Office closely monitors situation of Macao tourists in Thailand

2009-04-14 21:04

Source : Tourism Crisis Management Office

The Tourism Crisis Management Office is closely watching the situation of Macao tourists in Thailand. 74 Macao tourists will return from Thailand this evening (April 14) and early tomorrow morning (April 15).


The Office has been maintaining close contact with the tourism associations and travel industry to keep track of Macao tour groups traveling in Thailand. According to the figures of the travel industry, following the return of 74 people from 3 tour groups to Macao this evening and tomorrow, about 60 people traveling in tour groups will continue their itinerary in Thailand and return to Macao in the next few days.


All tour groups scheduled to depart for Thailand this week have been cancelled.


The Office has also sent out notices to over 600 Macao mobile phone users currently traveling in Thailand through the four local telecommunications service providers.


Due to the political upheaval in Thailand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Chinese citizens not to go to Bangkok. The Office advises Macao residents also to avoid making unnecessary trips to Thailand and Macao residents in Thailand who need assistance can call the tourism hotline 2833 3000.


The Office has received 27 enquiries so far and has handled one request for assistance.

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