Tourism crisis management mechanism perfected

2009-04-03 21:16

Sorce : Tourism Crisis Management Office

The safe homecoming of local residents travelling outside Macao is the first priority of the Government in the handling of any travel emergency and the authorities will try its very best to accomplish this mission, said the President of the Tourism Crisis Management Office and Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Dr. Fernando Chui Sai On, today.


During a press conference held today, Dr. Chui said that the remit of the Government’s tourism crisis management agency had been expanded from the handling of outbound tourism to include inbound tourism after the Outbound Tourism Crisis Management Office was renamed the Tourism Crisis Management Office in February.


The new agency has enhanced its strategic coordination mechanism in order to cope with tourism emergencies in a more systematic, effective and timely manner, thereby minimising an emergency’s impact on outbound residents or inbound visitors, noted Dr. Chui.


He underlined that the personal safety of outbound residents and inbound visitors is the Government’s utmost concern in the handling of tourism emergencies and the Tourism Crisis Management Office will follow three major steps to achieve this goal.


Firstly, members of the Office will convene a meeting within three hours from the onset of a tourism emergency to assess the situation and draw up the necessary measures; secondly, the two-way flow of information between outbound residents affected by a tourism emergency and their families in Macao will be ensured to give them the latest information and avoid undue panic; and finally government agents in both Macao and the place where the emergency occurs will be mobilised through various channels to work together, according to Dr. Chui.


During the press conference, the Office’s Coordinator, Mr. João Manuel Costa Antunes, explained the new agency’s remit, structure, activation mechanism and hotline.


The Office has also set up a website for the public to know more about its functions and obtain its latest news.


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