MSAR Government seeks means to help stranded Macao residents

2008-12-01 19:53

Source : Outbound Tourism Crisis Management Office

The Macao SAR Government today confirmed that there were five Macao residents still stranded in Thailand, Two of them will be flying off Thailand this evening.

The Outbound Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCTE) is inquiring if other airlines have seats available for them to leave Thailand.

GGCTE will continue to follow up on their situation in Thailand and provide all practical assistance.

Up to 19:30, 1 December, GGCTE received 147 inquiries, mainly follow up inquiries.

The hotlines under GGCTE are available for those in need of assistance. Those who know any Macao residents who are still stranded in Thailand and need assistance can call 081-8041788 or 081-7925107 in Thailand or (66) 81-8041788 or (66) 81-7925107 from overseas from 10 am to 10 pm (Thai local time); or MGTO's 24-hour hotline at 2833 3000.

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