Visitors to Thailand should remain attentive to the latest security developments

2014-06-12 19:20

Source : Tourism Crisis Management Office

Following the lifting of the curfew in Thailand's travel hot spots and as per information provided by the Macao tourism industry, Thailand tour groups departing before 16th of June will remain canceled, while some travel agencies will re-launch Thailand tour packages after the said date, with earliest possible departure date by 24th of June.

GGCT reminds Macau residents who plan to go to Thailand to remain vigilant of local security developments, comply with the relevant provisions of the curfew, plan their itineraries accordingly and strengthen security precautions.

To date, GGCT has received 35 inquiries but no requests for assistance. If necessary, Macao residents can call the 24-hour tourism hotline (853) 2833 3000 or contact the Chinese Embassy and consulates for assistance: 24-Hour consular protection hotlines of the Embassy: 085-483-3327, Consulate General in Khon Kaen: 080-936-6070, Consulate General in Songkha: 081-766-5560 and Consulate General in Chiang Mai: 081-882-3283.


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