Update on the situation of the Earthquake in Nepal

2015-04-27 00:00
Source : Tourism Crisis Management Office
 The Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) is paying close attention to the situation in Nepal and maintaining close contact with the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in the Macao SAR for further developments.
GGCT provided yesterday through SMS emergency contact information to 17 roaming mobile devices in Nepal as per information provided by the telecommunications providers in Macao.
Until the present moment, GGCT received 1 (one) request for assistance, requesting the possibility to anticipate their return from Nepal to Macau.
GGCT urges affected Macao residents to contact the following numbers for assistance:
Embassy of China in Nepal for Consular Protection and Assistance: 00977-9801037888;
Embassy of China in Nepal - Duty Officer mobile phone: 00977-9801029888;
Global Emergency Call Center for Consular Protection and Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China: +86-10-12308 / +86-10-59913991.
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