Update on Government follow-up work after tourist bus accident

2016-08-15 22:00
Source : Government Information Bureau
The Government continues to coordinate follow-up work in relation to the recent accident involving a tourist bus. Such work is in order to provide all necessary practical assistance to those affected by the incident.
There was a total of 11 mainland tourists still being treated in Kiang Wu Hospital as of today. Of those hospitalised, a female patient – who had undergone head surgery – remained in a coma in intensive care, and in a stable condition. Her physical responses showed improvement yesterday. The other hospitalised patients were each in a stable condition.
Among the 44 mainland tourists involved in the accident, a total of 24 have left Macao. Nine tourists – aside from those being treated in hospital – remain in Macao either to accompany family members injured in the accident, or for discussions with their respective travel agent regarding insurance matters.
In addition a total of nine people not on board the bus at the time of the accident – but identified as relatives of hospitalised patients – were currently staying in Macao to assist their injured family members. One of those nine relatives is due to leave Macao later tonight. The nine have been staying in hotel accommodation arranged by a travel agent.
The accident occurred on Monday, 8 August, when a tourist bus carrying 44 mainland visitors crashed into a building in Rua da Entena, near Kiang Wu Hospital. As well as causing injury to passengers of the bus, the crash seriously damaged one of the building’s supporting pillars.
The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau concluded that – following stablisation work on the building following the accident – most apartments and shops in the affected building are safe to use. The exceptions to that are five apartments and one shop in the part of the building supported by the pillar that was struck by the tourist bus.
The affected building has six storeys, accommodating a total of 21 residential units and six shops.
The Government has taken measures to reinforce the structure of the building and has been monitoring its safety. Measurements taken showed that the building structure is in a generally stable condition.
The Bureau said the fabric of the building – post full repair – would be stronger than prior to the accident.
A total of seven people displaced following the damage to the building are currently staying at the Centre for Victims of Disaster, after emergency arrangements were made for them by the Social Welfare Bureau.
An aggregate of 18 people from a total of four families are staying in temporary accommodation managed by the Social Welfare Bureau.
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