Government provides legal advice to property owners affected by tourist bus crash

2016-08-19 19:00
Source : Government Information Bureau
The Government has provided legal advice to the property owners in Edifício Wa Keong, the building damaged by a recent crash involving a tourist bus.
It is part of the Government’s effort to provide all necessary practical assistance to those property owners affected, as well as to the occupants of the bus.
Among the discussion topics on Thursday (August 18), between officials and those owning units in the building, were: the question of civil liability; damage compensation; procedures for claiming compensation – via arbitration or via legal procedures; the applicable statute of limitation; the qualification requirements for legal aid; and the degree to which vehicle insurance would offer coverage of liability.
The Acting Director of the Legal Affairs Bureau, Ms Leong Pou Ieng, and the Deputy Director of the Social Welfare Bureau, Mr Au Chi Keung, attended the meeting with property owners from Edifício Wa Keong.
In view of an ongoing investigation by the police regarding the incident, the Government was at this stage only able to discuss legislation relevant to the incident, said Ms Leong.
In addition, the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau said that a proposed primary repair plan would be announced before the end of next week.
The Bureau will next week hold talks with the building occupants, to update them on the condition of the building.
The Government had taken measures to reinforce the structure of the building and had been monitoring its safety. Measurements taken showed the building to be in a generally stable condition.
The Social Welfare Bureau had arranged for four families from the building to stay in temporary accommodation. Other occupants of the building – that had been staying at the Centre for Victims of Disaster – left their emergency accommodation on Thursday.
Regarding the tourists that were victims of the bus crash, as of today, a total of 11 mainland tourists were still being treated in Kiang Wu Hospital. Of those hospitalised, a female patient – who had undergone head surgery – remained in a coma. Her condition was generally stable, and she was being kept on a ventilator. It was expected that the other hospitalised patients – each in a stable condition – would leave hospital next week.
Of the 44 mainland tourists involved in the crash, a total of 24 had left Macao. Nine non-hospitalised tourists were in Macao as of today (one of the nine had left the city but returned). The nine were present either to accompany family members injured in the accident, or for discussions with their respective travel agent regarding insurance matters.
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