A visitor hurt in tourist bus crash leaves hospital

2016-08-23 20:00
Source : Government Information Bureau
One of the visitors from the mainland that was injured in a crash involving a tourist bus on August 8 was released from hospital today. Three other patients were discharged from hospital yesterday (22 August).
A total of seven mainland tourists hurt in the incident remained under medical care in Kiang Wu Hospital as of today. Of those hospitalised, a female patient – who had previously had head surgery – underwent tracheotomy surgery yesterday. The procedure followed discussion between medical staff and her family members. She was being kept on a ventilator, and generally remained in a stable condition. The other patients still in hospital were each in a stable condition.
Of the 44 mainland tourists involved in the crash, a total of 29 had left Macao. Eight non-hospitalised tourists were in Macao as of today. The eight were present either to accompany family members injured in the accident, or for discussions with their respective travel agent regarding insurance matters.
In addition, staff from the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau were trying to contact all the occupants of a building damaged in the bus crash. They did so with the aim of conducting a thorough check on the interior of each unit in the building. The check involves engineers responsible for drafting the primary repair plan for the building.
The Bureau held a meeting on Monday evening with occupants of the affected building, in order to update them regarding the condition of the property.
The Government has taken measures to reinforce the structure of the building and has been monitoring its safety. Measurements taken showed that the building structure was in a generally stable condition.
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