Travel alert to Singapore

2016-09-02 23:00
Source: Tourism Crisis Management Office
Given the ongoing Zika virus situation in Singapore, the Embassy of China in Singapore issued a security alert to Chinese citizens. The following is the translated version of the full text:
"Considering that since August of this year there has been ongoing transmission of the Zika virus in Singapore, the Health Authorities of Singapore has informed the World Health Organization that it is to be considered as the 58th country locally spreading the Zika virus, while it has also included the virus onto its list of transmittable diseases that are to be reported to the Health Authorities. As of noon of the 1st of September, the number of Zika infections in Singapore reached 151, including 23 chinese citizens. The Zika virus is known to be transmitted through the Aedes Albopictus mosquito. The symptoms include, among others, fever, headache, skin rashes, joint or muscle pain and conjunctivitis. Studies revealed that pregnant women, if infected by the Zika virus, will risk microcephaly and affect newborns.
The Embassy of China in Singapore advises chinese citizens in that country to be aware of the Zika virus, especially pregnant women who should take strict precautions in avoiding mosquito bites. In case the aforementioned symptoms are suspected or observed, immediate medical assistance should be sought. Chinese citizens planning to travel to Singapore are also advised to bring medication and mosquito repellent for prevention of the Zika virus.
Singapore emergency contact: 995
Embassy of China in Singapore for Consular Protection and Assistance: +65-92971517
Global Emergency Call Center for Consular Protection and Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China: +86-10-12308 or +86-10-59913991
(This alert is valid until the 30th of September, 2016)"
The Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) alerts Macao residents who plan to go to Singapore to maintain alerted on the recommendations issued by the Health Authorities, avoid mosquito bites and beware of the Zika virus.
If necessary, Macao residents can call the 24-hour Tourism Hotline: (853) 2833 3000, the Embassy of China in Singapore or the Global Emergency Call Center for Consular Protection and Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24-hour hotline: +86 10 12308 for assistance.

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