The GGCT clarifies that no appeal was issued for travelers to avoid Hong Kong

2019-09-10 18:55

Source: Tourism Crisis Management Office

In relation to the recent comments posted in social media platforms claiming that the Tourism Crisis Management Office appealed to Macao residents to avoid non-essential travel to Hong Kong, the GGCT declares that it did not issue any appeal of such nature.

The GGCT is monitoring the recent situation of Hong Kong and reminds Macao residents to carefully plan their itineraries, pay close attention to the development of the local situation, news and local information and avoid protest or conflict areas. If necessary, Macao residents can call the 24-Hour Tourism Hotline (853) 2833 3000.

GGCT also declares that the Macao Special Administrative Region Travel Alert System covers 77 countries and destinations, for the specific cases of Mainland China and Hong Kong, as they are part of the same homeland these destinations are not covered by the system.

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