Safety tips for Chinese citizens who travel to Chiang Mai

2012-07-12 16:44

Source: The Chinese Consulate General in Chiang Mai (11th Jul, 2012 4:44)

(GGCT Translation)

FIT female Chinese citizens in Chiang Mai have recently been targeted for bag-snatching robbery by motorcycle gangs, these situations can often result in the loss of identification documents and money, minor personal injuries, and affect subsequent travel plans.

The Chinese Consulate General in Chiang Mai is giving great importance to communications with the local police in order for them to strengthen the security of Chinese nationals and tourists as well as other foreign tourists.

As such the Consulate General would like to once again remind the Chinese tourists, especially female tourists of the following safety tips: Avoid traveling alone in the morning or evening especially near Chiang Mai's old City and remote alleyways, stay as far as possible of locations prone to accident, pay attention to the security within the perimeter in which you are located and save a copy of your passport and other identification documents.

In case of situations such as theft, robbery or accident injuries, please call the 24-hour local hotline Tel N.:  191 for help. If an ambulance is needed, please dial Tel N.: 1669. In case of any general travel accident situation, please call the Tourist Police Tel N.:  1155. For consular protection in emergency relief, call Consul General Protection in Chiang Mai, Tel N.: Tel :053 -276 125 or 081-8823283.


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