Consumer Council has received 32 cases related to end the operations of Macao Dragon

2011-09-15 18:51

Consumer Council has received 32 cases related to end the operations of Macao Dragon (09/15/2011 18:52)

Source: Consumer Council

(GGCT translation)

The Consumer Council (CC) is aware of affected consumers due to this incident, therefore, has assigned more staff to handle queries from customers and assist them. According to data collected, most of the complaints submitted by consumers who have purchased group tickets through two websites in Hong Kong: "Bee Crazy" and "Groupon Hong Kong". The actions taken by the CC have obtained assurance from the administrators of both websites that the refund of the amounts related to the purchase of tickets from the aforementioned company through their websites, consumers can register and process related formalities directly through the respective websites.

Os consumidores lesados podem também solcitar auxílio junto do CC para proceder às formalidades de reembolso, e todos estes casos irão ser enviados, com a maior brevidade possível, para o acompanhamento do Conselho de Consumidores de Hong Kong. O CC de Macau e o seu congénere de Hong Kong têm mantido uma boa colaboração no âmbito de protecção dos direitos e interesses dos consumidores dos dois territórios, e neste caso em concreto, o Conselho de Consumidor de Hong Kong vai presta todo o seu apoio em articulação com os trabalhos e exigências do CC de Macau, no sentido de salvaguadar os interesses legítimos dos consumidores.

Affected consumers Consumers can also request assistance from the CC for reimbursement procedures. These cases will then be sent as soon as possible, to the Hong Kong Consumer Council for follow-up. The CC of Macau and its counterpart in Hong Kong have maintained good cooperation in the field of protection of consumer rights and interests from both territories, and in this particular case, the Hong Kong Consumer Council will provide its full support in conjunction with the work and requirements of the CC, in order to safeguard the consumers legitimate interests.

CC Hotline: 89889315


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