The terminal remains in good order with the active monitoring of the Maritime Administration

2011-09-15 12:57

Source: Maritime Administration


(GGCT translation)

On 15 September, the Maritime Administration (CP) received the request from "Giant Dragon Sea Transport" to suspend its operations. However, due to the cease of operations of its Macao office, the CP could still not get in touch with the mentioned company.

Regarding the impact on the tourism population caused by cease of operations by the  "Giant Dragon Sea Transport" company this morning. The CP has already activated its  emergency response mechanism in order to coordinate with other shipping companies as to provide enough seats for passengers affected . When necessary, an increased number of vessel operations will be applied in order to improve the flow of passengers. By 12.30, the flow of passengers in the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal was positive and in good working order and therefore it is unnecessary to increase vessel operations.

The CP has requested the reimbursement of pre-paid tickets by the "Giant Dragon Sea Transport" company and will continue monitoring the situation together with other relevant departments. Investigations on the cease of operations by the mentioned shipping company will proceed as well as the enforcement of legal actions according to the law.

CP stated that establishment of a limit on the "Giant dragon Sea Transport" vessels capacity was made according to the principle of ensuring passenger and sea safety as well as taking into account factors such as the handling capacity of the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal and navigation safety records among others.

When the CP issued the exploration license to the "Giant Dragon Sea Transport" company, the vessels capacity limit was already explicitly stated in the license. However, before improving the handling capacity of the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal, the limit will not be waived due to lack of a condition restricting the capacity of "Giant Dragon Sea Transport" vessels.

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