GGCT appeals to people with no plans of leaving Japan to provide contact details

2011-03-18 18:10

Source: Tourism Crisis Management Office


The Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) advises the population of Macao not to travel to Japan and appeals to residents who do not intend to leave Japan yet, to provide contact information as soon as possible for a swifter support in case of need.

Taking into account the seriousness and uncertainties arising from the incident in the Japanese nuclear power plant of  Fukushima, GGCT continues to contact through SMS and other means with more than 70 Macao mobile phone users with roaming services in Japan, providing updated information and support, as per the will and specific situation of each individual. 

GGCT appeals to residents who still do not have plans to leave Japan in the near future, to provide their contact details as soon as possible, such as phone numbers, address in Japan and email, to:

Moreover, a crisis hotline has been set-up in Japan so that Macao residents who are still in Japan can call for inquiries. The hotline is operating in English and Japanese languages: 09027490386 (for local calls in Japan) and +819027490386 (calling from Macao).

GGCT does not encourage Macao residents to travel to Japan, but will continue to provide them all possible assistance including those residents who already have plans to return to Macao. Also, GGCT would like to recall that in case of need the tourism hotline can be contacted, through: 28333000.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Embassy in Japan has also established an emergency contact (24 hours) as to provide citizens who are in Japan with information: 03-3403-3388, extensions 8881, 8882 and 8712. 

The GGCT, continues to maintain close contact with the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the tourism industry, relevant Macao SAR departments and the representation of the Macao Government Tourist Office (MGTO) in Japan as to follow and to keep informed on the developing situation in Japan caused by the violent earthquake that struck the northeast coast of the country and the subsequent incident at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

The Office further appeals to Macao residents who are in Japan, to remain attentive to the indications given out by Japanese authorities and take necessary precautions as to guarantee their personal safety.

Until 17:00 today (March 18), GGCT accounts for a accumulated total of 297 inquiries, two of them received through the hotline in Japan, being the latest information requests mainly related to the current situation in Japan and the situation of air transportation.

For further information, interested parties may also gather further information from the Macao SAR Government web-portal:


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