GGCT pays close attention to the earthquake situation in Christchurch, New Zealand

2011-02-22 00:00

Source: the Tourism Crisis Management Office

The Tourism Crisis Management Office has been monitoring the severe earthquake situation that occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand and will maintain close contact with the tourism associations and travel industry, as well as the representative of the Macao Government Tourist Office (MGTO) in Australia / New Zealand to follow up on the latest developments.


According to information provided by the travel industry, there are no Macao tour groups or visitors in New Zealand.


Until now, GGCT has not received any inquiry or request for assistance from Macao residents regarding this incident. Macao residents may call the 24 hour Tourism Hotline (853)2833 3000 for assistance.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has already issued a statement to citizens, full text of which is as follows:


A major earthquake struck Christchurch at 12:51 pm, February 22nd. On hearing the shocking news, H.E. Mr. Xu Jianguo, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to New Zealand, conveyed his sympathy and solicitude to the overseas Chinese, including students in Christchurch, and the Chinese Embassy initiated the emergency mechanism.


In order to facilitate communication between the overseas Chinese, the Chinese compatriots and the Embassy, 24-Hour Emergency Hotlines (0064-27-5196653, 0064-21-841026, 0064-27-5196656) are established.


-- The End --