GGCT reinforces the call for attention and information to citizens on the situation in Egypt

2011-01-31 18:19

(Unofficial translation) 


In light of the demonstrations and violent conflicts that occurred in various cities of Egypt, the Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) appeals to Macau residents to be alert to the situation's developments and halt plans to visit Egypt and in case of necessity contact the Tourism Hotline.

According to information from the tourism sector, currently there are no tours from Macao and Macao residents integrated in outbound tour groups in Egypt.

The Hong Kong Travel Industry Council decided by the end of their meeting today (January 31) to maintain all excursions to Egypt halted until 12h00, February 8.

And, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has already ordered the dispatch of a charter flight to the country in question's capital Cairo for the return of chinese citizens.

GGCT continues to carefully monitor the developments in Egypt, reminding Macao residents that if necessary, they may always contact the Tourism Hotline: 853-28333000.

From the 29 of January until 15h00 of today (January 31), GGCT has recieved one request for information regarding the current situation of the mentioned country.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has already issued a statement to the citizens, whose full text is as follows:

"Despite the recent deterioration of safety conditions in certain parts of Egypt, with several deaths and injuries already confirmed, there is no data which include chinese citizens.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China pays close attention to the safety of China's population that is in Egypt, having been activated contingency mechanisms and contacts, including telephone hotlines operating 24 hours a day in order to give all necessary support to its citizens in case of emergency.

The Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy in Egypt warns citizens to halt possible both individual and group travel plans to Egypt. For those who already are in Egypt, citizens should strengthen prevention awareness and safety, reduce unnecessary activities, avoid traveling to places where incidents occur or places with gathering of large groups of people.

However, in any case of emergency, citizens should provide timely notice to local law enforcement authorities or seek support from their respective embassies and Chinese consulates in Egypt, through the following 24 hours telephone numbers:

Chinese Embassy in Egypt: 002-02-27361219; 002-02-27363219; 002-02-27363556

Chinese Consulate General in Alexandria, Egypt: 0020-3-3916953; 0020-3-3924324

Centre for Consular Protection and Assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 010-65963747


Tourism Crisis Management Office

Macao, January 31, 2011

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