GGCT urges residents to halt travel plans to Egypt

2011-01-29 17:23

(Unofficial translation)

In light of the demonstrations and violent conflicts that occurred in various cities of Egypt, the Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) appeals to Macau residents to be alert to the situation's developments and halt plans to visit Egypt.

According to information from the tourism sector, currently there are no tours from Macao and Macao residents integrated in outbound tour groups in Egypt. Although, there are currently 20 people from a Hong Kong tour stranded in the mentioned country due to the suspension of the airport's operations. The travel agency responsible for the tour is currently trying to arrange their return as soon as possible to their point of origin, the neighboring Special Administration Region.

During the last days, demonstrations and protests have been registered in the capital and several regions in Egypt which registered violent conflicts between protesters and the military resulting in a number of wounded people and deaths.

Meanwhile, Egyptian authorities have already declared a mandatory curfew for the whole territory, mobile telecommunications and Internet services were also suspended, but the country's situation continues to evolve.

Taking into account such circumstances and given the proximity of the Lunar New Year holidays, the Tourism Crisis Management Office urges all residents of Macao to take into account the situation's developments and consider the halt of any plans to travel to Egypt.

Up until the present moment, the Tourism Crisis Management Office received a request for information via telephone about the current state in mentioned country. If necessary, citizens may contact the tourism hotline: 853-28333000.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has already issued a statement to the citizens, whose full text is as follows:

"Recently, there has been an escalation of protests and demonstrations in the capital and some areas in Egypt, with violent conflict between protesters and the military, which caused injuries and deaths. Local authorities declared a curfew in major cities across the country. The situation is currently further developing itself.

The Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy in Egypt warns citizens who intend to travel to the mentioned country to mind the development of the situation and carefully weigh any travel plans. For those who already are in Egypt, citizens should strengthen prevention awareness and safety, reduce unnecessary activities, avoid traveling to places where incidents occur or places with gathering of large groups of people and be cautious of their own security. In case of emergency citizens should report promptly to the police or seek support from the embassy in the mentioned country (24 hours telephone contact: 0020-2-27361219).

Further, as per it is known, Internet and mobile telecommunication networks were suspended, but it is appealed to Chinese citizens to keep calm and try to contact with their families or the embassy through fixed telephone lines. "



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