Tourism Crisis Management Office follows closely on flight suspension of Mandala Airlines

2011-01-13 21:14

Source : Tourism Crisis Management Office

The Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) is following closely on the flight suspension of Mandala Airlines, an airline based in Indonesia. According to information provided by the tourism trade, there are no tour groups from Macao currently stranded in Indonesia due to the suspension of flights by the airline. GGCT calls on affected Macao residents to call the Tourism Hotline or contact the Embassy of China in Indonesia for information.


GGCT became aware yesterday (12 Jan) of Mandala Airlines' decision to suspend all flights from 6:00am of 13 Jan, and immediately contacted the tourism trade and crisis team members to follow up on the situation. Information provided by the tourism sector indicated that there are no tour groups from Macao in Indonesia. The last Macao tour group to Indonesia returned to Macao early this morning. Meanwhile, two tour groups from Indonesia which arrived in Macao early this morning have been arranged by their travel agency to return to Indonesia via Hong Kong after touring Macao.


GGCT urges Macao residents holding Mandala Airlines' flight tickets stranded in Indonesia to call the following hotlines or entities for information:


-Tourism Hotline: + 853 28333000


-Embassy of China in Indonesia: + 62 215761044


-Macau Government Tourist Office's Representative in Indonesia: +62 2183705913  


Passengers may also call Mandala Airlines at +62 804 1234567 or +62 2156997000 or browse its website ( for the latest information. Passengers are advised not to go to the airports before learning the latest flight arrangement.


Up to now GGCT has not received any requests for assistance concerning the flight suspension of Mandala Airlines. GGCT will continue to follow closely on the incident and maintain close contact with related entities.


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