GGCT continues to assist 108 Macau students stranded in the UK

2010-12-21 23:59

Source : Tourism Crisis Management Office

The Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) continues to assist Macau students stranded in the UK due to adverse weather and has obtained information of 108 stranded students with air tickets and provided necessary assistance.


Among the 108 stranded students, 84 are holding tickets of Cathay Pacific Airways. GGCT has submitted their information to Cathay Pacific and requested the airline to assist the stranded students on the list to travel on the additional 3 flights arranged by the airline in the next three days. MGTO's UK Representative is assisting the coordination of the matter at the hotel arranged by Cathay Pacific.


A number of stranded Macau students have been arranged to take the first additional flight, which will depart from Manchester to Hong Kong at 7:30pm on Dec 21 local time and is expected to arrive Hong Kong International Airport at around 3pm on Dec 22.


With the announcement of Cathay Pacific Airways that 3 additional flights will be arranged to depart from the UK to Hong Kong within 3 days to fly the stranded passengers, GGCT is maintaining close contact with Cathay Pacific to provide updated information to assist the stranded Macau students holding the airline's tickets to board the additional flights.


According to GGCT, 8 out of the remaining 24 students holding tickets of different airlines departed the UK yesterday (Dec 20), 3 have rebooked flights that will depart tomorrow (Dec 22) with the help of their airlines, while 13 are still waiting for seats.


GGCT urges affected Macau residents or those with family members stranded in London to contact the following numbers for assistance in case of emergency:


-Hotline: (853)28333000;

-MGTO's Representative in the UK: (44)2083348328 or

-the Embassy of the PRC in the UK: (44)2072998431 / (44)7551436721


Tourism Crisis Management Office

21 December 2010


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