Government aware of the safety of tourists in Japan

2010-10-02 14:04

(Unofficial Translation) 


The secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Mr. Cheong U guaranteed today (October 1st) that the Tourism Crisis Management Office is monitoring the case involving a group of China tourists that were inside a tour bus in Fukuoka, Japan which was the target of disturbances and provocations by a group of right wing extremists from that country, he also stated that he will also maintain close communications with the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR).

At the end of the Macao SAR Government reception on the occasion of national day, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, when questioned by the media about the above mentioned case, said that the Tourism Crisis Management Office is aware of the situation's developments. He Stressed out that the said Office has been running for some years and whose mechanism is maturing, as such it will proceed in the best and most adequate way depending on the situation. He added that the Tourism Crisis Management Office will maintain the appropriate contacts with the media.

Meanwhile, regarding the preparations for the creation of a specialized fund for cultural and creative industries, Cheong U affirmed that recently there has been created the Department of Promotion of the Cultural and Creative Industries, under the tutelage of the Cultural Institute and the Council for the Cultural Industries, noting that the work of promoting cultural industries are being implemented gradually and orderly and remembering that there are currently appropriate mechanisms to subsidize the development of this sector.



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