Travellers to the Philippines should exercise extra caution

2010-08-24 19:05

Source : Tourism Crisis Management Office

Due to hostage-taking tragedy in Manila which claimed the lives of eight from Hong Kong, the Tourism Crisis Management Office reminded Macao residents planning visit the Philippines and those who are there to exercise due caution to their personal safety.


In case of emergency, Macao residents should contact the local police immediately and, If necessary, call the Macao Tourism Hotline: (853) 2833 3000 for assistance.


Seven Macao tourists in Manila originally scheduled to return tonight would return earlier via Hong Kong.


The Tourism Crisis Management Office had contacted 11 Macao residents who had joined a tour group to Cebu via Hong Kong: they are safe and would continue with their itinerary and return on Friday.


It is expected that no Macao residents would visit the Philippines in tour groups in the near future as there is no scheduled tour groups to the country from Macao and Hong Kong.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Tourism Administration had also reminded Chinese nationals to exercise caution in visiting the Philippines. Those who are currently in the country must pay attention to security risks. In case of emergency, they should report to the local police and contact the embassy in the Philippines (Tel: 0063-2-8482409, 0063-9178972695), Consulate in Cebu (Tel: 0063-32-2563456), Consulate in Laoag (Tel:0063-9178051226), or the Centre for Consular Assistance and Protection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Tel: 010-65964088).


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