Tourism Crisis Management Office urges Macao residents travelling in the Philippines to exercise caution on personal safety

2010-08-24 00:17

Source : Tourism Crisis Management Office

Due to the hostage taking incident that happened in the Philippines, resulting in casualties and injuries, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has today (23 August) raised the travel alert to black. The Tourism Crisis Management Office would like to remind Macao residents to be attentive to the situation in the Philippines, and those who are currently travelling in the country to exercise due caution to their personal safety. In case of any emergency, please report to the local police. If necessary, Macao residents may also call the Macao Tourism Hotline: (853) 2833 3000 for assistance.


Following contacts with the local tourism industry, the Tourism Crisis Management Office understands that 7 Macao residents are currently travelling on a tour group in the Philippines. All are safe and will return to Macao tomorrow according to their itinerary.


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